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The Skills We Need. The Dedication We Want.
Feds Hire Vets - Vet to Vet
Feds Hire Vets - Vet to Vet

I joined the Army soon after graduating from high school in 2004. I can't say that I had a blast all of the time but I did love it. I learned a great deal about myself and it has molded me into the man I am today. I will say that after being burned out from four combat tours and a failed marriage that I wanted a break so after eight long years I left the Army in December of 2012.  Now adjusting to civilian life was no easy task as I battled with depression and PTSD. I was able to get a job working for Verizon Wireless in a call center as a tech support rep while I was going to School at UCCS (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs). It was a pretty fun job as I enjoy helping others as well as problems solving. Well that came to an end in February of 2014 when I moved across the country from Colorado Springs, CO to Stephenson, VA. I moved to be with my now fiancé of 2 ½ years. I was able to pick up work rather quickly in March with PEPSI Beverage Company working in the warehouse driving a fork lift and Jockeying trucks. The job wasn't bad but the employees lacked structure and often times I was pulling others share of the weight. I found that attending classes online while working 10-11 hours and then the long drive home was not for me as my education was more important. Well I found work again though a temp -to- hire agency in Winchester, VA and a few months later while searching job postings on USAJOB I applied for an IT Specialist position with the USDA. I waited for what seemed like forever and then BOOM I got the notification from USAJOB Best Qualified and Refereed. I had an interview set for July 14, 2015. I went to the interview and just like my Promotion boards in the ARMY I went in with full confidence and ensuring that I was the only one for the job. About two weeks later I received a call as well as an email with a contingent offer letter. I then do my finger prints, OF-306, and e-QIP. Then came the waiting and waiting and more waiting. Other than the man who is my supervisor keeping in touch I was left in the dark when it came to HR and USAJOBS. I found out that I was selected and that my packet was in the security process. So January of this year (2016) comes around and I get the call I'll never forget telling me that I have been cleared and when could I start. I have been working for the USDA for about three weeks now and it's so amazing that when I get up to go workout in the morning that I want to go to work and I loved doing PT and being a super duper para trooper and I haven't had this feeling since I was in the ARMY. The best part is my supervisor is Prior Service himself and it's great to have someone that can really relate to you and not look at you different because you have scars from war. I will graduate this May with my BS in Computer Engineering and this is the One Break That I have needed since leaving the ARMY.

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