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Federal Aviation Administration

Our continuing mission is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.

Terrance is the Veterans Employment Program Manager for the Federal Aviation Administration. He has worked for the United States Army Aviation Missile Command as an Aircraft Equipment Specialist and as a Training Instructor for the United States Army Aviation Logistics School. He is a veteran of the United States Army and has been deployed as a service-member and as a Department of Defense Civilian. Terrance deployments included Somalia, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. His achievements include the Commanders Award for Civilian Service, The Bronze Star, and The Air Medal.

Recruiting for

  • Air Traffic Control Specialist (2152)
  • Aviation Safety Inspector (Avionics, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Operations) (1825)
  • Airway Transportation System Specialist (2101)
  • Engineer (General, Aerospace, Civil, Electrical) (0801, 0861, 0810, 0850)
  • Computer Engineers/Specialist/Information Technology Systems (0854, 0334, 1550)
  • Professional, Administrative, Research and Development) (0201, 0342, 0501, 1102, 0344)
  • Statisticians/Mathematicians (1520, 1530)
  • Economics/Business and Finance Program Managers (0110, 0343, 0501, 0510)
  • Physicists/Meteorologists (1310, 1340)
  • Human Factors (0180, 0101, 0896)