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Agency Directory

Department of the Interior Component Listing

The Department of the Interior recognizes, embraces and values the technical expertise and leadership Veterans are bringing to the organization and is a Federal Government employee of Veterans. We are part of the Federal Government initiative to integrate Veteran Skills, leadership abilities and public service dedication to empower our organization culture, so that we are better serving our mission of “protecting America’s great outdoors and powering our future”.

The Department is made up of the Office of the Secretary and nine Bureaus including:

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA/(BIE)):

Provides services to 567 federally recognized tribes with a population of about 1.9 million American Indian and Alaska Natives. Indian Affairs offers an extensive range of programs such as social services, law enforcement and detention services, administration of tribal courts, natural resources management, economic development, implementation of land and water claim settlements, housing improvement, disaster relief, and the replacement and maintenance of schools, roads, and bridges.
Contact: April Gromadzki – 703-390-6526
Contact: Vivian Pacheco – 505-346-6598

Bureau of Land Management (BLM):

Careers caring for the land you love. The BLM is looking for passionate people to help us achieve our mission of managing and conserving public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. The multiple-use mission is what sets the BLM apart. Finding the best fit for public lands, means the BLM manages lands for a broad range of uses, including outdoor recreation, mineral development and energy production, and the conservation of natural, historical and cultural resources. The Bureau’s National Landscape Conservation System includes over 870 federally recognized areas and over 30 million acres of National Monuments, Wild and Scenic Rivers, National Scenic and Historic Trails, National Conservation Areas, Wilderness Areas, and Wilderness Study Areas. The BLM workforce of over 10,000 passionate employees works hard every day to manage more than 245 million acres of public land, more than any other Federal agency. In addition to the Washington, D.C. Headquarters, the Bureau has District Offices, Field Offices or Operations Centers in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Denver, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.
Mission Critical Occupations: Petroleum Engineers, Engineer Technicians, Rangeland Management, Outdoor Recreation Planner, Wildlife Biologists, Surface Mining, Business Services, Law Enforcement and Fire, Cadastral Survey and Geological Sciences.
Contact: Miguel Aviles-Perez – 202-912-7495

Bureau of Reclamation (BOR):

BOR is a water management bureau, known for the dams, power plants and canals it constructed in the western states – the largest wholesaler of water and the second largest producer of hydroelectric power in the U.S. It employs over 5,300 staff in Washington, D.C., 5 Regions and 20 Area Offices.
Mission Critical Occupations:Biologists; Engineers; Hydrologists; Natural Resource Specialists; and IT Specialists.
Contact:Mark Susi – 303-445-2131 –
Contact: Mary Owens – 303-445-2668 –

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM):

Promotes energy independence, environmental protection and economic development through science-based management of offshore conventional and renewable energy and marine mineral resources. Develops the 5-year Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Natural Gas Leasing Program, Oil and Gas Lease Sales, and offshore Renewable Energy Programs. Functions include plan administration, environmental analysis and studies, and economic analysis. In addition to the Washington, D.C. Headquarters, it has 4 regional offices (Virginia, Alaska, New Orleans, and California).
Mission Critical Occupations: Environmental Protection Specialist; Minerals Leasing Specialists; Biological; and Chemical and Social Scientists.
Contact: Kerry.Neumann – 703-787-1422 –
Contact: Elise Gorchesky – 703-787-1481 –

Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE):

Promotes safety, protects the environment, and conserves the oil and natural gas resources in the Outer Continental Shelf. It develops standards and guidelines for Oil Spill Response Plans and oversees the Nation’s first federal offshore energy regulatory program. In addition to the D.C. Headquarters, the Bureau has Regional Offices in the Louisiana, California and Alaska. Approximately 800 employees.
Mission Critical Occupations: Petroleum Engineers; Geologists and Geophysicists; Budget Analysts; Program Analysts; Inspectors; IT Specialists; and Human Resources.
Contact: Kerry.Neumann – 703-787-1422 –
Contact: Elise Gorchesky – 703-787-1481 –

Interior Business Center (IBC):

The IBC is a federal shared services provider offering acquisition, financial management, and human resources systems and services for the Department of the Interior and other federal agencies. The IBC offers business solutions to create efficiencies and economies of scale for our clients.
Mission Critical Occupations: Acquisition Services Directorate: Contract Specialists; Financial Management Directorate: Accountants, Auditors, Financial Systems Analysts, and Information Technology Specialists; Human Resources Directorate: Civilian Pay Technicians, Human Resources, Information Technology Specialists, Personnel Security, and Systems Analysts.
Contact: Elizabeth Varoz – 303-969-5590 –

National Park Service (NPS):

Preserves the natural and cultural resources and values of the Nation’s 400+ National Parks and recreational facilities. The Service has more than 20,000 employees working in a large variety of career fields. There are also many opportunities for volunteers through the Service’s “Volunteers-In-Parks” program and other specialized volunteer opportunities.
Mission Critical Occupations: Archeologist; Biologists; Botanist; Contracting Officers; Education Specialists; Facility Managers; Forestry Technicians; Historians; IT Specialists; Landscape Architects; Museum Professionals; Park Police; Park Rangers; and Scientists.
Contact: Ty Guda – 202-354-1983
Contact: Deborah Blake – 202-354-1988

Office of Inspector General (OIG):

Promote excellence, integrity, and accountability throughout the Department of Interior (DOI). The OIG conducts investigations, evaluations, and audits in order to enhance effectiveness and efficiency and to prevent and detect waste, fraud, and mismanagement in DOI programs and operations.
Mission Critical Occupations:Criminal Investigators, Investigators, Auditors, Management and Program Analysts, Information Technology Specialists and other support personnel.
Contact:Jacqueline Ruley, 703-487-5349,;
Contact: Delores Miller, 703-487- 5413,

Office of Surface Mining Reclamation Enforcement (OSMRE):

Protect society and the environment from the adverse effects of surface coal mining operations. The Office balances the nation’s need for continued domestic coal production with protection of the environment. In addition to Washington, D.C. Headquarters, has 3 Regional and Field offices (Appalachian, Mid-Continent and Western) with area and field offices in Alabama, Colorado, Kentucky, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina., Tennessee, Washington, and Wyoming. The Office employs about 500 staff.
Mission Critical Occupations: Program Analysts; and IT Personnel, Auditors;Accountants and Financial Managers; Engineers (Civil/Mining); Physical Scientists; Hydrologists; Geologists; Surface Mining Reclamation Specialists; Biologists/ Natural Resources Specialists; Program Analysts; and IT Specialists.
Contact:Arnita Edmonds – 202-208-2762
Contact: Aron Kebrab – 202-208-2680
Contact: Pamela McNeil – 202-208-232
Email: EmploymentPrograms@OSMRE.GOV

United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS):

Conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife and plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people.
Mission Critical Occupations: Archaeologist; Botanist; Cartographer; Chemist; Civil Engineer; Contract Specialist; Ecologist; Education and Training Specialist; Environmental Engineer; Fish and Wildlife Biologist; Fishery Biologist; Forester; General Engineer; Geographer; Horticulturist; Hydrologist; Land Surveyor; Landscape Architect; Meteorologist; Microbiologist; Outdoor Recreation Planner; Park Ranger; Realty Specialist; Refuge Law Enforcement Officer; Refuge Manager; Refuge Operations Specialist; Wildlife Biologist; Wildlife Inspector; Criminal Investigator (Special Agent).
Contact: Bill Fuller – 703-358-2367 –

United States Geological Survey (USGS):

Provides impartial information on the health of ecosystems and environment and the natural hazards that threaten them; the impacts of climate and land-use change, and science systems that provide timely, relevant, and useable information. The Survey employs over 8400.
Mission Critical Occupations: Scientists; Biologists; Microbiologists; and Biologic Technicians; Chemists; Ecologists, Geologists; Geophysicists; Hydrologists and Hydrologic Technicians; IT Specialists; Program Analysts; Budget Analysts; and Contract Specialists.
Contact: Audrey Tsujita – 916-278-9395 –

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