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NAVAIR Fleet Readiness Centers: Civilian Employment Opportunities

April 20, 2016

The Commander, Fleet Readiness Centers (COMFRC) is the Navy's shore-based, off-aircraft and depot-level aviation maintenance provider. COMFRC supplies the skills, processes and facilities needed to accomplish the maintenance, repair and overhaul of aviation assets to aid the Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE) in fulfilling its mission to train and sustain naval aviation.  COMFRC’s 16,000 military, civilian and contractor aviation maintenance professionals work diligently to deliver safe and effective airborne platforms and ground equipment to the Sailors and Marines who defend our national interests around the globe.  

Civilian employee opportunities listed below are located at the following COMFRC Fleet Readiness Center (FRC) Depot locations: 

• FRC East (FRCE) at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina 

• FRC Southeast (FRCSE) at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida

• FRC Southwest (FRCSW) at Naval Air Station North Island, California

• FRC Mid-Atlantic (FRCMA) at Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia

COMFRC uses several noncompetitive hiring authorities such as Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA), Veterans with a 30 percent or more disability rating and Schedule A appointments to quickly hire qualified candidates.

Aircraft Maintenance and Repair, Job Position Titles, and General Job Description:

SHEET METAL MECHANICS: Repairs, fabricates, modifies and installs sheet metal parts, items and assemblies.

AIRCRAFT MECHANIC: Installs, adjusts, aligns, troubleshoots and performs final functional and operational tests on a variety of major aircraft systems, their assemblies and components that include airframe, landing gear, power plant, gear boxes, pumps and hydraulic, pressurization, utility, fuel, oil, pneumatic and flight control

AIRCRAFT ELECTRICIAN: Tests, troubleshoots, corrects and maintains electrical power control systems, which include the tie-in of power and control circuits with other functional systems.

MACHINIST: Manufactures, repairs and rebuilds parts and items of equipment from raw stock of different metals alloys (i.e., stainless steel alloys, aluminum, titanium, magnesium) and other materials (i.e., rubber, plastics and nylon) by using conventional or computer numerical control machine tools and precision handwork.

ELECTRONICS MECHANIC: Installs, modifies, overhauls, maintains, troubleshoots and repairs electronics equipment of moderate complexity or systems of limited complexity.

WELDER: Operates various electric resistance welding machines (spot, seam and flash) or uses a manual gas torch welding process.

METALS INSPECTOR (NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING):  Performs inspections of various forms of ferrous and nonferrous aircraft metals and engine parts that are processed and manufactured in the FRC by using nondestructive testing equipment and examination methods and techniques.

PAINTER: Examines, evaluates, prepares and applies protective and decorative coatings and paint finishes to aircraft components, engines components, GSE and other major components.

ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT MECHANIC (CALIBRATION MECH.): Calibrates fleet and depot test equipment (GPETE and PGSE). Accomplishes repair incidental to the calibration process.

AIRCRAFT ENGINE MECHANIC: Troubleshoots, determines degrees of disassembly required, evaluates and replaces defective parts performing uncommon repairs.

PNEUDRAULIC MECHANIC: Performs rework and test or repair and test of auxiliary power units (Pneudraulic engines), or on the highly complex accessories associated with auxiliary power units, aircraft and aircraft engine fluid, air and electrical systems.

Vacancies may not exist in every job series at all times or at all sites.  U.S. Citizenship and the ability to obtain and maintain a security clearance are required for all positions.

For more information about job opportunities at one of our FRC Depots, please contact the servicing Human Resources Office at: 

FRCSE (Jacksonville, FL) – 
FRCE (Cherry Point, NC) – 
FRCMA (Oceana, VA) –

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