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Interagency Veterans Advisory Council

The Interagency Veterans Advisory Council (“Interagency Veterans”) is the federal council that seeks to ensure Veterans, Reservists and National Guard Personnel, and Military Spouses in the federal workforce interests’ are represented in policy and practice. Comprised of the leadership of each Department and Agency’s Employee Resource Groups (ERG) related to Military, Veterans, and Military Spouses, Veterans Program Managers, and Senior Leaders, there are more than 135 Departments and Agencies that comprise Interagency Veterans. Collectively, we proudly support the recruitment, acclimation, retention, and promotion of Veterans, Military Reservists, National Guard Personnel, and Military Spouses in the federal civilian workforce. Our Veteran and Military Community membership represents over 500,000 federal civilian employees who work across the globe – on multiple continents, across many time zones, in all 50 States and U.S. Territories, and all in Service to the American People. Our mission Serving Those Who Served is at the forefront of all we do: supporting agency leadership, fostering inclusive workforce communities, and supporting those who continue to serve our fellow Americans.

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