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Since the establishment of the Veterans Employment Initiative, the Federal Government has led the charge to honor your service promoting opportunities for you and your family to continue your service to this great nation as Federal civilian employees.

We recognize those who have served in our Armed Forces often have the experience, skills, and dedication necessary to achieve success as members of our civilian workforce, and it is critical that we harness that talent. Your past military training, special skills, unique experiences, and leadership abilities could make you an ideal candidate for our team! We are confident veterans, transitioning service members, and their families will find this site to be the one-stop resource to assist in finding a Federal career.

Interviewer with prospective employee


Federal Employment Process

How Federal jobs will be filled is determined by the Federal civil service laws and regulations, augmented, in some cases, by additional statutes and Executive Orders. Methods may differ depending on the agency and the nature of the position. Many Federal agencies permit applicants to contact the agency directly for additional job information and to better understand the application process.

American flag patch on a military uniform

Veterans and Transitioning Service Members

In addition to receiving preference in competitive appointments, veterans may be eligible for special noncompetitive appointments.

A family of three with the wife in military outfit.

Spouses of Active Duty Military Members

Enhancing noncompetitive civil service appointments of military spouses.

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