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Hiring Officials

Hiring Officials

Many veterans and transitioning military service members are ready to supply the very skills the Federal Government needs. Veterans have generally acquired a wealth of knowledge, skills, and abilities through practical workforce experience. The cutting edge training and education they have received during their military service is frequently transferable to the competencies sought by agencies in filling open positions. In addition to these competencies, the veteran may bring intangibles, including a unique sense of leadership and capacity for teamwork that could be valuable to your team. They have been exposed to the need for commitment to achieving organizational goals and objectives, and often have demonstrated the ability to work efficiently and effectively within multi-cultural environments.

In hiring a veteran, you are likely bringing into your agency an individual who is committed to serving both your agency and this Nation through their continued service. The qualities of honesty, respect for others, pride, and a powerful sense of belonging enable many veterans to acclimate into the agency culture. Veterans and transitioning service members have shown themselves eager to serve.

Besides the discipline and work ethic that military service instills, Veterans and transitioning service members often have technical skills in areas of critical importance: acquisition, information technology, communications, security, information gathering, and medical technology. Many already hold security clearances required for some Federal positions. We hope this site energizes and mobilizes you to seek out highly qualified Veterans and eligible family members.

Take a moment, review the information and contact your agency Veterans Employment Program Office to find out how you can get one of America's Veterans on your team!