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Charles Modzinski

Charles Modzinski in sailor uniform

I started college three weeks after I finished high school in 1981. It took five years, but I finally graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. I started working for the government (Tank-Automotive Command), like my Dad, but was let go before 90 days were up. I then joined the US Navy (again, like Dad). I became an Avionics Technician 2nd Class, and did two Med Cruises (USS Coral Sea and USS Forrestal) with VAQ-133. It was during this time I realized that Computer Science was what I really wanted to do. After being discharged in 1992, I went back to school and got a degree in Computer Science. I worked in the industry for nearly 20 years, at GM and at Ford, as a contract employee. Knowing you have no job security, and knowing they can dismiss you whenever they feel like it makes for a bad work environment. Eventually, a friend told me that the IRS was hiring computer programmers. I applied and two years later (2012), I began working for the IRS! It has certainly been quite a journey to get here, but now I work with great people, make a great salary and have great job security! I truly enjoy converting COBOL programs to Java programs. I love working in a stress-free environment. It is great to know that I will never have to send out resumes again and that I can look forward to retirement.


Equal Opportunity Specialist


NASA Security Specialist/Program Protection Officer

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