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Apprenticeship and Training Representative

Ricky C. Godbolt

Rick C. Godbolt wearing military uniform

My name is Dr. Ricky C. Godbolt. I am a retired US Army Marine Engineering (Warrant) Officer. I am an Apprenticeship and Training Representative with the US Department of Labor. Without my military experience, I would not be technically and tactfully proficient at my job. My Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) include: 63C (Track Vehicle Mechanic), 63H (Track Vehicle Repairer), 51R (Interior Electrician), 51H (Construction Supervisor), 52E3HS2 (Prime Power Production Specialist), and 881A8 (Marine Engineering Officer). These different Military Occupational Specialties led to my first Federal job as the Mechanical Training Section Leader at the US Army Prime Power School. In addition, the 51R MOS provided skills which led to a position as an adjunct faculty at Prince George's Community College as a Basic Electricity Instructor. Because of the BRAC, my job was transferred to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Because of my Construction Supervisor (51H) MOS, I was hired as a Program Director for the Construction and Development Institute at Prince George's Community College and later hired as the Director of the Construction and Energy Institute at the College of Southern Maryland. Through USAJOBS, I applied for my present position as an Apprenticeship and Training Representative at the Department of Labor. In addition, my military experience led to my first college degree ( I now have six college degrees) through the Service Members Opportunity College Army Degree program which made it possible for me to work in higher education positions at two community colleges. It has been my experience that by combining military experience, Service Members Opportunity College, and the USAJOBS website, a Veteran has a tremendous chance for gaining employment within the Federal Government. Because of my experience, I have the education and background to advise, assist, and train the greatest workforce in the history of the world. That workforce is the American worker. From Carpenters to Caretakers, the US Department of Labor has "got your back." We are the heartbeat of America!!! Beat us if you can!!!


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