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The Skills We Need. The Dedication We Want.
Feds Hire Vets - Vet to Vet
Feds Hire Vets - Vet to Vet

My name is Chuck Black and I grew up in a very small town in the south. After graduating from a military academy, I went to a junior college and partied for a semester and was promptly informed not to return the following semester. Therefore, the draft was looming large and I enlisted; received my draft notice during first tour in Vietnam. After second tour in Vietnam, I opted to return to civilian life.  During 1971, much like present day (2008-2015) numerous Veterans out of work, and prospect for a job was very poor. I returned to the military and retired from The US Marine Corps in 1989. During this time frame, The Marine Corps had very few civilian employees, therefore I didn't even consider the federal government. I can't count the number of applications I sent out with no results. I had a few jobs, but nothing that provided job satisfaction, until 1998. I realized my heart's desire was to support our warfighter and my civil service career began as an Intern (GS-05) attending the two year course to become an ammunition manager. Within two years the program awarded a promotion to GS-09 and assignment to Hawaii. After two and a half years in paradise, I applied for and was offered a position (out of the ammunition career group) as a logistician (career group 17) in Korea. With this position came another promotion to GS-11. I was in this position for 20 months; applied for a GS-0346-12 position at the same instillation and offered the job. So, if you are doing the math, from 1998 as a GS-05 til 2004, I became a GS-12, less than 6 years. However, I was not married, but was a single parent; allowed great flexibility and mobility to transfer from one job to the next. Stayed in Korea for almost five years, contributed the max amount allowed by law into my Thrift Savings Plan (TSP); made some money over this period; TSP, a "success story" in itself. In 2007, left civil service to take care of my mother. After she passed away, returned to civil service with The Marine Corps in Albany, Ga., in Feb 2009. By June, 2009, I had returned to Korea working for the Army again. Returned to Albany when my tour was completed (2011) in Korea. Within six months of returning to the US, I applied and accepted a GS-13 position in Michigan with the Army again. End of 2012 I retired from the Federal Government. GOD had blessed me tremendously, I am retired from The Marine Corps, Federal Government, 90% disable Veteran, receive Social Security; also, I am debt free. Retirement only lasted three years as I had become bored and wanted to return to the Federal Government. This happened with The Navy in 2015 (I'm 67 years old now, no age discrimination with the government). I'm still applying for overseas jobs with the government and hope to go back, we'll wait and see what happens. But the bottom line of my success story is this: GOD has richly blessed me during my 15 years of working with the government and again allowing me to return to work with the government. I give Him all the glory and gratitude for this success. I have a good friend (75 years old) that's a missionary to Romania, along with his son and daughter-in-law and their children. I returned to work to give more money to this missionary and to continue to support America's warfighter. How much longer do I intend to work, I really don't know.

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