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The Skills We Need. The Dedication We Want.
Feds Hire Vets - Vet to Vet
Feds Hire Vets - Vet to Vet

My Name is Charles Walks Slow, I am from the White Clay (AaAhNiNin) and Nakota (Assiniboine) tribes of North Central Montana, Fort Belknap Indian Reservation. I enlisted in the United States Navy right after high school, coming from where I'm from, there is not much opportunity for employment. I made the decision to enlist in the military because I wanted to see the world. I wanted to know what else was out there, and to get a sense of what I can expect outside the boundary lines of the reservation. I enlisted and joined for 8 years of service, and after 5 1/2 years of active and 2 1/2 years reserve, I struggled to find employment that would allow me to go back to school and provide for my wife and son. I quit school, and struggled to find a full time position and bounced from one job to the next, while still providing for my family. I was contacted by a company out of Hartford, CT regarding a position as a Family Services Coordinator, which simply worked with Families who were preparing for their spouses or family members in the Air National Guard to be deployed overseas. I worked with the Air National Guard as a Department of Defense contractor for 6 months. I enjoyed the job but always kept my eye open for a full time Federal position. I had applied with several Federal agencies for various different positions to try and get my foot in the door to start my civilian service and give back to the community. I went through a trying time during my search for employment; I got a divorce and struggled with drinking and reckless living. When I got the job offer for the Family Services Coordinator, I felt a renewal of life and a opportunity to start over.  I accepted the position and it worked out very well with what was going on in my life. I met quite a few families that needed my assistance as much as I needed theirs. During this time I received a call from the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs to work in the Human Resources (HR) Department. In the military, I worked in the Administration and Personnel departments and it gave me a direct specialized knowledge of how the Federal system worked. I accepted the position and started my Federal civilian service on a temporary appointment - not to exceed one year.  During this time, I applied for an HR Assistant position in the Recruitment and Placement section of the HR Department and was given a full-time Career Conditional appointment. I worked my way back from a downward spiral, to working as a HR Specialist for the past 5 years. I work with Indian Reservation communities in providing excellent service on how to apply for positions in the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and other Federal agencies. The office I work in does a lot of outreach to local colleges and universities with career fairs, workshops and seminars on how to apply for Federal positions through the USAJOBS website. I have stepped forward in my department on several projects for implementing E-Gov initiatives within the Bureau of Indian Affairs. I like to work with Veterans young and old, because they know the sacrifices that we as service members had to endure during our enlistments in the Armed Forces. I am currently attending an on-line university to complete my degree while raising my 2 sons who keep me very busy and entertained. I believe that the military gave me the tools to stay motivated and the dedication to endure over the past several years. My father, who also served in the U.S. Army, dedicated his life to the Native American Community as a Chemical Dependency Counselor.  I strive everyday to succeed in everything I do on my job, assisting Veterans and the public who inquire about Federal employment. Over the past 10 months, I lost my younger brother and my father, both who gave me a drive and a passion for succeeding in my life. As a single father, a civil servant, and a Veteran, I find everything exciting about coming to work. I am extremely honored and humbled to have the opportunity not to just work for the Federal Government, but for a bureau that aids and assists Native American communities in which one day I can give back to my reservation. I am thankful for this opportunity and want everybody to know that we live in a great country, surrounded by people who have served and sacrificed.  My hat goes off to those who have given all in defense to our country. It is up to us now, to keep that sacrifice alive and continue to move forward to a brighter tomorrow.

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