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Feds Hire Vets - Looking to Hire
Feds Hire Vets - Looking to Hire


There are many avenues available to you to hire Veterans. For instance many Veterans are taking advantage of their GI Bill educational benefits and attending various colleges and universities across the nation. These individuals may be an excellent pool of highly qualified candidates for hire under the Student Educational Employment Program.

Additionally, you may wish to inquire about setting up non-paid work experience opportunities for Veterans with the Department of Veterans Affairs' Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Division or hire Veterans under their Federal On-the-Job Training Program.

Finally, there are numerous special hiring authorities available to allow you to hire highly qualified Veterans quickly and efficiently

As a Federal hiring manager, you will be the driving force behind the President’s initiative to increase the number of veterans in the Federal Civil Service. This web site was created as a resource for YOU as well as the Veteran. More

As Federal HR professionals, you are critical to the success of the President's initiative to increase the number of Veterans in the Federal Civil Service. You are the knowledge base, the keeper of the rules and regulations regarding Federal hiring and Veterans’ preference in that process. More

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